Discover the possibly very first light-field foveated Virtual Reality headset, providing high-fidelity imagery that is entirely natural to our vision.

Continuous depth


High spatial


No eye-tracking

CREAL's light-field

Standard display provides limited resolution 

(even when in focus) only at 1.4 m

CREAL’s light-field provides high-resolution imagery at any focal distance

Standard display provides limited resolution

even when in focus only at 1.4 m

CREAL’s light-field provides high-resolution image at any focal distance

CREAL's display allows natural eye focus at any distance


Zorya_REFRAMED copy.png

* Resolution is finite, however much higher than an eye can resolve

** Eye-tracking is not required for the essential functions


Technology roadmap

Q1 2020

Table-top demo

Q1 2021

Evaluation kit

Q4 2022

Compact headset

evaluation kit


Light-field can help you to build the ultimate VR headset where the virtual looks just like real.

Please ask us at sales@creal.com for:

  1. VR technology evaluation kits

  2. Engineering and integration support

Complete light-field optical engine

Foveated light-field "addon" to integrate with your existing back screen



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