True depth in Virtual and Augmented Reality


What is light-field?

Light-field technology projects images with real optical depth. 

Eyes can naturally change focus between virtual objects at different distances.

Virtual objects can be seamlessly fused into the real world.

Fusing real

and virtual objects

Natural eye focus

No eye strain

Light-field is a missing key to comfortable smart eyewear.

Key features

  • Continuous depth resolution - true light field

  • High spatial resolution

  • Moving field of view

  • No eye-tracking

  • No pixelation

  • Scalable to fashion compatible form factor



VR goggles

High image quality light-field projector ready for integration to Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Light-field may gradually replace all current flat screens in VR.


AR goggles

Light-field projector ready for integration to see-through AR headsets. Light-field is a must in AR. 


Smart glasses

Small form-factor light-field projector ready for integration to wearable fashion-compatible smart glasses.




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